Motor Club Of America

Our roadside assistance plans offer: emergency roadside assistance, towing, traffic ticket legal services, hospital & death benefits, medical & dental discounts, membership group insurance benefits, and more

89 Years Of Roadside Assistance & Travel

With personal service and discounts up to 65% off, it's no wonder why more people trust Motor Club of America for the best roadside assistance plans available in the auto club industry today . Our roadside assistance plans protect you on the road, at work and at home.  We offer the most comprehensive coverage available, giving you and your family peace of mind.  Take advantage of big discounts on hotels and rental cars when traveling.  Coverages include traffic ticket legal services, hospital & death benefits, medical & dental discounts, membership group insurance benefits, and much more..

MCA is America's favorite Motor Club. Our members are covered with unlimited emergency roadside assistance. Our roadside assistance plans include 100 miles of free towing per call. That's 36,500 miles of towing per year.

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Being a member of MCA allows you access to valuable discounts. You'll receive discounts on travel, hotel, motels and rental cars. You will also save on medical, emergency care, dental, vision, and prescriptions.

With over 89 years of experience, Motor Club Of America/MCA has become an established and trusted name in the Motor Club industry. MCA is the largest roadside assistance service company (per capita) in the United States and Canada. Motor Club Of America provides roadside assistance plans (coverage for: automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, RV`s, trailers) and provides over $150,000 worth of benefits. Our members enjoy excellent customer service, protection, peace of mind and big savings.



Coverage that protects you and your family from unexpected life events. From hospitalization to car accident to accidental death we make sure your family is taken care of.

MCA pays out higher commissions than any other roadside assistance company. Plus, the opportunity to earn residual income through the MCA Total Security Platinum Matrix is second to none.

 Virtually unlimited towing and higher coverages than any other roadside assistance company in the country. Also, Tow Trucks love us because we pay them more and more quickly.

Get protected in the car, at home and while at work. More comprehensive coverage for only $19.95/m.

Get the added benefit of flat fee legal services & Matrix income plus Total Security benefits for only $29.99/m.

The best motor club membership we offer & the most earning potential. 6-7 Figure residual salary for a $39.99/m investment.

Entry level roadside assistance that still provides superior protection and at the extremely low price of only $9.95/m.